The new menu - Ristorante Antica Torretta
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The new menu

At Antica Torretta, a restaurant in the heart of the historic center of Verona, the new menu is available, featuring both fish and meat cuisine in equal measure. As usual, the menu follows the passing of the seasons and is cyclically renewed to combine the products of each period with the creativity of Chef Olimpio Brunelli who always offers new ideas to his guests.

Our new menu combines tradition and research.

The tradition is that of the flavors and colors typical of the Italian spring, those of our gardens with their extraordinary products, those of our seas, with their famous fish and crustaceans and those of our mountains with their fine farms.

The research is in the creations of our Chef Olimpio Brunelli.

Do you want a “taste”? Then here you are served at the Antica Torretta restaurant both delicious fish and meat recipes, such as “Our Tartare di Mare”, the “Black Angus Carpaccio, Herb Sauce, Monte Veronese Ubriaco, Late Red Radicchio”, the “Bigoli alla Chitarra” with Lobster, Artichoke Cream and Pine Nuts “, or the” Medallions of Turbot and Scampi, Bisque, Tapenade Taggiasca Olives, Puntarelle “… and much more!

Are you now curious to know everything about the new menu?