We believe that cooking is far more than just a set of recipes:


it is a collection of maps that take us to special places.
Because there are plenty of beautiful spots, but very few where you truly feel good.
This is why it takes courage to travel these routes, sometimes simply allowing yourself to be guided, walking paths built of the excitement of a new recipe or the character of a great wine.


  • Per tutta l’estate la tua esperienza all’Antica Torretta si prolunga. Saremo aperti tutti i giorni con orari...

  • Dietro a quest’antica insegna si celano innovazione e contemporaneità, ma chef Olimpio non ha mai dimenticato i piatti i...

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  • Storia, architettura, sapori, persone, atmosfera. Un connubio unico che rende l’Antica Torretta un luogo pieno di ...


Verona is our home, repository of our roots.


And from this land come many of the ingredients that we bring to your table.

The inspiration, however, also comes from further afield: from our travels, from the cuisines of other countries and great traditions.


The numbers speak for themselves








Continuous Hours


Your experience at Antica Torretta is extended throughout the summer.
We will be open every day continuously from 12pm to midnight and you can eat,
snack or just drink one of the many wines we have in the cellar that we serve by the glass.
Because at Antica Torretta hospitality has no timetable!


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