À la carte

Every dish contains a story to be told: that of its ingredients, and of the hands that prepared it. We draw inspiration from the best international recipes, and reinterpret them, enhancing them with our own typically Italian culinary experience.


Mangalitza Bacon wrapped Prawns, Fermented Red Cabbage, Cocktail Sauce € 22 
Our Sea Tartare – Citrus Prawns, Avocado Tuna, Mango Amberjack, Wild Sockeye Salmon and Tzatziki Sauce € 32

“Double Zero” Cantabrico Sea Anchovies, French Butter, Black Bread and Fennel Herbs Emulsion € 22 

Oysters “Gourmandise Top Quality”, Spicy Shallot, Yuzu Sauces € 33 

 “Calvisius Tradition Royal” Caviar, Blinis, Sour Cream (10 gr) € 48

 “Calvisius Beluga Royal” Caviar, Blinis, Sour Cream (10 gr) € 90 

 Assorted Selection of Raw Fish € 64

Duck Fois Gras, Honey and Pollen, Wild Red Lettuce, Roquefort Cheese and Black Pepper Brioche Bread € 25

Black Angus Beef Tartare, Wild Herbs Sauce, Pioppini Mushrooms, Hazelnuts and Brown Rice Waffle € 24 
Poached Egg in a Crispy Pasta Kataifi, Bellota Iberico Jamon and Black Truffle € 20

First Courses

Black Truffle Ricotta Gnocchi and Noisette Butter € 25

Pata Negra Chitarra Bigoli, Chanterelles Mushrooms, “Cimbro” Cheese Fondue € 22

Sea Urchin Paccheri, Turnip Tops, Bergamot, Thyme Crumble e 25

Black Cabbage filled Tortelli Pasta, Sicilian Pink Prawns, Black Garlic, Naxos Saffron Sour Cream € 25

Lobster Gragnano Linguine Pasta, Vesuvian Piennolo Cherry Tomato, Artichoke and Lemon Grass € 34


Second Courses

Alaskan King Crab on Plancha, Artichoke and Rocket Salad, Glazed Pomegranade with Bristol Sauce on Side €/hg 35 (min 200 gr) 

Crispy Octopus, Brussels Sprout with Scapece Dressing, Kalamata Olives and Green Shiso € 34

Black Codfish with Smoked Bottarga, Escarole Salad, Pine Nuts and Viper’s Grass Chips € 35

Veal Cheek with Pumpkin Purée, Shiitake Mushrooms and Polenta Chips € 35

“Teys Premium Black Angus Chateaubriand with finely sliced Black Truffle, Pearl Potatoes and “Vichy” Baby Carrots € 42

Typical Cheeses Selection € 25
Seasonal Vegetables or Fresh Salad € 8

Our desserts

Almond Macarons,  Avocado, Lime and Coconut € 10
Basil Bisquit, Lemon, Raspberry, Tagete and Chartreuse € 11

Vanilla and Chocolate Profiteroles € 12
Chocolate Tiramisù with Coffee Crumble € 11

Seasonal Fruits