À la carte - Ristorante Antica Torretta
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À la carte

Every dish contains a story to be told: that of its ingredients, and of the hands that prepared it. We draw inspiration from the best international recipes, and reinterpret them, enhancing them with our own typically Italian culinary experience.


Brown Rice Millefeuille, “Monte Veronese” Cheese Foam, Roasted Purple Eggplant, Zucchini, Lime and Savory € 15,00
Our Sea Tartare – Citrus Prawns, Avocado Tuna, Smoked Herring Perlage, Snapper with Mediterranean Sauce and Pistachio Powder  € 23,0o 

“Double Zero” Cantabrico Sea Anchovies, French Whipped Butter, Wild Fennel Emulsion and “Carasau” Bread € 16,0o

 “Sockeye” Wild Salmon Carpaccio on Fruit Mixed Salad, Vegetables and Plain Yogurt € 16,00

Oysters “Utah Beach” (6 pcs.), Spicy Shallot, Yuzu and Watermelon Sauce € 28,00

Black Angus Beef Tartare, Beetroot Gazpacho, Hazelnut Crumble, Turmeric and Belgian Endive € 18,00
Culatello, Pan Brioches Wafers with Thyme, Fresh Goat Cheese and Figs € 16,00
Assorted Selection of Raw Fish € 44,00

First Courses

Black Truffle Ricotta Gnocchi and Noisette Butter € 16,00

“Orecchiette” Pasta, Datterino Tomato, Buffalo Stracciatella and Basil Emulsion € 15,00

Maccheroncini with Lamb Ragout, “Friggitelli” Foam, “Pecorino” Cheese and Smoked Paprika € 15,00

Ravioli with Cuttlefish and Roasted Pleorotus Mushrooms, Mantis Shrimp and Turnip Greens Cream € 19,00

Spaghetti with Sicilian Red Prawns, Cauliflower Cream, Saffron, Anchovy Extract Sauce and bergamot Zest € 22,00


Second Courses

Alaskan King Crab on Plancha, Mandarin Jelly, Cucumbers, Rapanello and Crunchy Celery’s Salad €/hg 22,00 (min. 200 grams)

Grilled Octopus, Green Beans and Basil Cream, Baby Snow Peas and Confit Cherry Tomatoes € 26,00 

Baked “Aquanaria” Sea Bass Fillet, Rainbow Chard, Perlage of Skrei Cod and Sweet and Sour Onion Sauce € 26,00

Low Temperature Cooked Duck Breast, Barbera and Cherries Reduction, Leek, Sage Powder and Corn Sprouts € 26,00

Black Angus Chateaubriand with finely sliced Black Truffle, Mashed Potato and Glazed Baby Carrots € 28,00

Typical Cheeses Selection € 18,00
Seasonal Vegetables or Fresh Salad € 7,00

Our desserts

Chibouste with Passion Fruit, Muesli Sablè and Wild Blueberries € 10,00
Dark Chocolate Bonet, Salted Mou Sauce, White Port Peaches 10,00
Strawberry, Lemon and Coconut Meringue € 10,00

Antica Torretta’s Tiramisù with Coffee Foam € 10,00

Seasonal Fruits  € 7,00