New Year's Eve 2017 | Ristorante Antica Torretta
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New Year’s Eve 2017

Antica Torretta’s Chef and his staff will prepare a special menu for who will decide to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in our restaurant:


· Crispy Octopus, A Cream of”Taggiascan” Olives and Brussels Sprouts ” alla Scapece”

· A Tempura of Scallops, Lemon Grass and an emulsion of Smoked Oil and “Bottarga”
(grated fish roe)

· Burnt Cream with patè of “Fois Gras” accompanied black pepper bread rolls

First courses

· Spaghetti from Gragnano with Lobster and “Piennolo” tomatoes from Vesuvius on a bed of Artichoke Cream

· Ricotta Dumplings with Truffles and Noisette butter

Second courses
( a choice between)

· A Royal platter of Shellfish served on a bed of Citrus and Shiso Salad

· Chateaubriand with Black Truffle sauce served with rosemary flavoured new potatoes


· A “granita” (a slush puppy) of Prosecco flavoured with Orange Compote


· A pudding of Pandoro accompanied with a Cream of Mascarpone cheese

· “Sbrisolona” of the house

Midnight Snack

· “Cotechino” with Lentils and Puree of Chestnuts

€ 110 ,00 p.p.
(non-inclusive of drinks)