À la carte | Ristorante Antica Torretta
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À la carte

Every dish contains a story to be told: that of its ingredients, and of the hands that prepared it. We draw inspiration from the best international recipes, and reinterpret them, enhancing them with our own typically Italian culinary experience.

antipasti crudite di pesce


Crispy Octopus, taggiasche olives tapenade, rickled vegetables and mizuna
Flambéed Cobia, nectarines, pink pepper, salicornia and red chard
Tuna fish tartare with avocado and nori algae
Assorted selection of raw fish
Anchovies from the Cantabrico Sea with black bread and butter from Normandy
Oysters “Fin de Claire” with a spicy scallop sauce
“Calvisius Royal Classic” caviar  with blinis
Tempura zucchini flowers with burrata and ‘nduja

Parma Ham (24 months), buffalo mozzarella and fig
Beef carpaccio marinated in Amarone wine with an herb sauce and black truffle

Quinoa Salad, dried tomatoes, soy beans, marinated zucchini, feta, toasted hemp seeds

First Courses

Black truffle ricotta gnocchi and noisette butter
Sardinian “fregola” with fresh porcini, toasted nuts and and parsley sauce
Pappardelle with lamb ragout, “Monte Veronese” cheese and chervil herbs
Maccheroncini with cherry tomatoes, basil and burrata cream
Spaghetti from Gragnano (Naples) with red sicilian shrimps, avruga caviar and cashew coriander pesto
Nettle filled Tortelli with scallops, confit tomatoes lemon zest


Second Courses

Alaskan King Crab, spicy mango salad and “Bristol”
sauce (on the side)

Baked Seabass  in a corn crumble, panzanella and zucchini cream
Black olives crusted tuna, spinacine and smoked grey mullet roe oil emulsion
Catalan Lobster and cherry gazpacho
Chateaubriand with finely sliced black truffle and rosemary roasted potatoes
Rack of lamb cooked at low temperature, finferli mushrooms, french purple tomatoes chips and black garlic sauce
Typical cheeses selection
Seasonal vegetables or fresh salad

Our desserts

Wild strawberry ,Mousse pistachios and mountain pine
Chocolate and Pannacotta with caramel and salted almonds
Apricots cooked in Disaronno liquor, eldenberry blossom foam and coconut crumble
Lemon cake with cherry meringue
Tiramisù al cioccolato dell’Antica Torretta