À la carte | Ristorante Antica Torretta
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À la carte

Every dish contains a story to be told: that of its ingredients, and of the hands that prepared it. We draw inspiration from the best international recipes, and reinterpret them, enhancing them with our own typically Italian culinary experience.

antipasti crudite di pesce


Egg from “grisa della Lessinia” hen coocked at low temperature, served with parmesan fondue and black truffle
Bonito carpaccio with pomegranate and Yuzu prawns tartare
Tuna fish tartare with avocado and nori algae
Assorted selection of raw fish
Anchovies from the Cantabrico Sea with black bread and butter from Normandy
Oysters “Fin” and “Pousse Claire”
“Calvisius Royal Classic” caviar  with blinis
Burned fois gras cream, Tête de Moine and black pepper brioche bread

Jamon Iberico ham bellota with warm rice flour buns
Beef tartare, celeriac salad and dressing with dehydrated porcini mushrooms

First Courses

Black truffle ricotta gnocchi and noisette butter
Scialatielli (home made pasta) with bone marrow and friggitelli
Beetroot tortelli with smooked ricotta and poppy seeds
Bigoli (home-made pasta) “alla chitarra” with lobster and artichocke cream
Spaghetti from Gragnano (Naples), clams and muggine bottarga
Black cuttlefish canederlo, thyme and lemon flavoured fry
(juvenile fish)


Second Courses

Alaskan King Crab, fermented red cabbage and “bristol”
sauce (apart)

Crispy octopus, jerusalem artichokes, “scapece” Bruxelles sprouts and shiso leaves
Black olives crusted tuna, friarielli and smoked grey mullet roe oil emulsion
Chateaubriand with finely sliced black truffle and rosemary roasted potatoes
Lamb ribs , pioppini mushrooms and rosti potates
Flank steak with enoki mushrooms and black garlic
Typical cheeses selection
Seasonal vegetables or fresh salad

Our desserts

Mont Blanc with notes of Green Apple, chocolate Crumble and creamy Vanilla
Rum Babà with chantilly cream
Tuille with greek yogurt mousse, honey and nuts
Sicilian Cannolo with nougat cream
Tiramisù al cioccolato dell’Antica Torretta