Ristorante Antica Torretta | À la carte
Piatti creativi in ambiente rustico-chic con cucina a vista, soffitto a travi e tavoli esterni nella piazza.
Ristorante Antica Torretta, Ristorante Verona, Verona ristoranti, Ristorante chic Verona, Restaurant Verona
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À la carte

Every dish contains a story to be told: that of its ingredients, and of the hands that prepared it. We draw inspiration from the best international recipes, and reinterpret them, enhancing them with our own typically Italian culinary experience.

antipasti crudite di pesce


Egg from “grisa della Lessinia” hen cooked at low temperature served with pearls of black truffle and zucchini cream in a crispy pasta kataifi
Fresh fish tartare (daily catch) and prawns tartare “a l’orange”
Assorted selection of raw fish
Oysters “speciales les huitres de Bouzique”
Octopus with summer vegetables fantasy and greek feta mousse
Anchovies from the Cantabrico Sea with toasted wholegrain bread and butter from Normandy
“Calvisius Royal Classic” caviar tasting with blinis
Gazpacho hand-minced avocado and raw shrimp
Burrata  cheese on a bed of rocket salad, datterini tomatoes and basil sauce
Parma ham buffalo mozzarella and beef tomato
Fassona tartare of Piemonte with lemon mayonnaise, mixed-leaf and carasau bread

First Courses

Green Tortelli stuffed scallops, potatoes and mint with aubergines puree
“Cheese and peper” macaroni with rabbit ragout
Ricotta gnocchi with black truffle and noisette butter
Linguine (home-made pasta) with lobster ragout and tomato crispy bread
Spaghetti  (home-made pasta) with fresh tomato, basil and stracciatella di bufala


Second Courses

Steamed Alaska King Crab on a bed of fennel and melon with and “bristol” sauce (apart)
Umbrina with mussels stew and basil carrot cream
Turbot fish served in aromatic herbs panure, sweet soy peppers and spinach salad
Chateaubriand with finely sliced black truffle and rosemary roasted potatoes
Veal chop with balsamic chipollini onions, fried zucchini and porcini mushroom sauce
Typical cheeses selection
Seasonal vegetables or fresh salad

Our desserts

Tiramisù with cream of chocolate
Mango bavarese with coconut and strawberry coulis
Melon mousse with star anise custard
White chocolate mousse with crumble and berries
Home made Ice Cream 
Seasonal fruits